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About Hello Trolley
The original fleet

Hello Trolley is a group transportation business, servicing Nashville, Franklin, and surrounding areas in Middle Tennessee.  We offer a fun ride and great experience that keeps your party together!  With 4 Trolleys, Hello Trolley is the perfect choice for your group transportation needs.  Choose Hello Trolley for private rental for weddings, company parties, shuttle service, and more OR join us on our all new public tours in Franklin, TN.  Please give us a call or email with any questions, to discuss a private rental, inquire about a tour, or just to Say Hello.  

Hello Trolley | Nashville Trolley
Hello Trolley
Chandelier Events | Nashville
Sara Gibbs Photography | Franklin TN

From the Owners:

"We have 4 Trolleys."  Our friends still look at us like we are crazy when we say this!  Having a background in the Wedding & Event industry,  we knew Trolleys have always been a fun and exciting way to transport wedding parties and groups, and that there were not many available in our area.  When the opportunity to own Hello Trolley came about, we knew it was not something we could pass up. There was definitely a need for more group transportation options, especially trolleys, and we could fill that need.  We joke that we had already been collecting rental items such as catering equipment, string lighting, and wedding decor for years, so why not add trolleys to this mix?   With Chad having a background in logistics and transportation, we decided we could do this and took a leap of faith!  The transportation industry has definitely had its learning curve for us.  There have been a lot of laughs, tears, and "woo hoo!" moments as a family,  but as we are finally settling in, we can honestly say it has been an adventure worth doing.  We have so many great ideas for growing the Hello Trolley business and can't wait to share them with everyone.  Grab a cup of coffee with us sometime and we will tell you all about this crazy adventure we call Hello Trolley.     

~ Sara and Chad Gibbs, Owners

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